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Don't take our word for it. With a 5 star yelp & City Search rating, here's what others are saying.

I bought a Bloomspot deal for Paul Mahder Gallery and had quite a visionary task in mind when I walked into the door. I was part of an opera performance that was a world premiere in San Francisco and I wanted to commemorate the event with lots of mixed items from the show - like ticket stubs, a program, a piece of hand-written music from the composer, etc... I knew when I walked in that the exchange could go either really well or really badly depending on whether or not the Gallery was on the same page as myself.

The entire "round-table" collaboration took about 10 minutes in the capable hands of Rich, the designer that worked with me. He "got it" immediately and the result...after three weeks of matting and stitching and ironing and placing and whatever other magic he simply stunning. This piece will be center in my home for the rest of time and I look so forward to explaining it and telling the story of how we put it together.

Thanks to Paul Mahder and his phenomenal design team. Melody m

They have framed in excess of 15 pieces for me; each one has enhanced the image, worked within the decor of my home and brought numerous compliments from friends.

I've worked with a couple of well known prestigious frame companies in SF, who have done great work, but I feel the gallery provided a higher level of service and creative ideas. They even came out and helped arrange and hang the work! Can't say enough about this wonderful gallery and framing company. They made framing enjoyable, easy and hassle free.

Framing can make a piece look just finished or as I have discovered at the Paul Mahder Gallery it can make a piece look really outstanding. Richard B

I bought a Groupon and they were so wonderful helping me frame a piece of my artwork. They have a great eye and had it ready very quickly. It is also a great neighborhood and parking wasn't too difficult on a Friday afternoon. The artwork in the gallery was fantastic! I was impressed and inspired. Kristina H

Rich did the designing and setting up of the framing. He also redesigned a number of pictures we previously owned. These pictures were drab, even lifeless for a long time before Paul and Rich toured our home to see what they could do for us artistically (before we bought a thing or made any commitments to them).

Rich zeroed in on the art hiding in these pictures and saw how and why in each it could be brought forth and then integrated (i.e.., how all the pieces could be hung together to make a unified statement). The rooms in which these "new" pictures now stay have been illuminated in ways we couldn't have imagined before. Moreover, Rich's re-framing of a number of our daughter's childhood pieces transformed them into personal treasures for our family.

Jonathan, the third member of the team, actuates the final design of the pictures. He never let us down. For example, he trouped through and completed a tapestry-framing project, which required extreme minute detailed sowing, the challenge of which we're willing to bet was the most tedious and (although necessary perhaps ridiculous?) job he's ever had. But everyone who has seen the result has immediately felt it to be a spectacular visual burst of color, texture, and balance.

Through these processes, my wife and I have come to realize Paul and Rich and Jonathan as genuine, gifted artists. They clearly love what they do, and do it for more substantial reasons than commercial ones. If they aren't happy with the completed work, because you are not happy, they won't consider their job and commitment to you finished. For example, despite our initially agreeing with the final product on one of their framings, they reframed the work at no extra charge when our agreeing at first faded after we took it home and put it on the wall.

They also came to our home to do all the carpentry themselves (i.e.., the actual hanging of the pictures). As well, they consulted on the best places for where the pictures could go. This process, like all the others, was collaborative, friendly and fun. Obviously, we recommend Paul Mahder Gallery without hesitation. Jonathan d

Rich helped me with class project for our auction. Couldn't have done it without him! Friendly, professional, and they have EVERYTHING you need. You want a knowledgeable person to frame your art. I'll use them again. Kortney m

They framed an art piece for me couple years ago, and since then that's my chosen place to go for all framing jobs, and friends have commented on my enhanced presentations. There are other framing studios in the neighborhood, but each is different, and this one has an extensive selection of materials plus most personable assistance from Richard and Paul who are wonderfully attentive. Lavender f

Top Notch Framing Without the Attitude.

I love the framing at this place! What I especially love is how they gently move me beyond my comfort zone, and encourage me to try new things I would have never considered otherwise. And...they have extreme patience to boot. It takes me forever to make up my mind, especially when I'm considering something new, and they never make me feel rushed or unwelcome. It's truly a high-end framing shop with none of the high-end snobbery or attitude. Corovansf

Best framing in the Bay Area.

Choosing a frame can sometimes be overwhelming, because there are so many choices available, but the staff at Paul Mahder Gallery makes it both easy and interesting. Paul and Rich are delightful, and will gladly work with you to create an exquisite setting for your art. Rich, the main framing designer, has a wealth of Interior Design expertise to draw on, and an especially nuanced understanding of color and proportion. I'm a fiber artist who cares a great deal about color and design, and Rich quickly pulled together several framing suggestions for me to choose among. Rich's work helped me see something new in my oil paintings and working with him was a fascinating process. The gallery staff will even make house calls to help you decide how to frame and hang your piece to enrich and complete your space!. Their workmanship is impeccable, they deliver on time, and you'll be very pleased with the whole experience.Mary G